Paubari’s Third Son: Dumalapdap

I’d been itching to make this… finally got the time to do it today. If you see an awkward resemblance between Dumalapdap and Vincent Valentine from the Final Fantasy series then you’re just imagining things. Shortly after Humadapnon left their home to seek revenge on Saragnayan’s family and followers, Dumalapdap embarked on a quest of […]

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I often went back to descriptions of Sumakuel when I thought up of designs for Humadapnon, the younger brother of Labaw Donggon. He always struck me as a young upstart, still trying to make a name for himself... and, most often, messing things up in the process.

A fashionable 16th Century warrior-prince from the Visayas.

I’m recalling our lessons back at the academy and remembering how our Professor told us: “Warriors were amongst the elite classes, status came hand-in-hand with corresponding responsibilities.” It’s interesting to note how the times have changed. On Clothing… The bahag or G-string was the most basic of clothes, along with the malong or the tube […]

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The guy likes his fans.

Labaw Donggon should get a crane feather fan…

Takeshi Kaneshiro‘s portrayal of the epic military strategist Zhuge Liang has forever redefined my definition of feathery fans. These fans do not say: prissy and finicky–well, in the past, they did. Nowadays, they translate to resourcefulness, stratagem and guile. Despite Zhuge Liang / Takeshi Kaneshiro being a sight for sore-eyes, (there, I said it–but you […]

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Labaw Donggon: Click to download the full sized image.

Labaw Donggon at age 13

Here’s a smug looking, 13 year old boy. This would be the teenage version of Labaw Donggon from the Hinilawod epic. If you were to be uprooted from your royal comforts like him, you’d have that expression on your face, too. And the piece of cloth around his neck is not an ode to Harry […]

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Rock Climbing at La Luz

While my bucket list includes hopping about the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, I’m quite convinced that it will not be as challenging as rock climbing. As November ground down, we went to La Luz Resort in Batangas for some rest and relaxation. We were really there for a dip in the beach, but the […]

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